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Flora Plant Original

Vegan friendly


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Flora Plant Original Vegan is a deliciously creamy spread that is perfect for spreading, cooking and baking. Made with 7 simple ingredients this product is dairy free, gluten free, soy free and contains no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.
It is going to be everyone’s favourite because this creamy deliciousness is better for you and for the planet.
  • Nutrition Facts

      Qty+ per Serving
     Qty+ per 100g
     Energy  260 kJ  2600 kJ
     Protein  0.0 g  0.0 g
          Gluten*  0.0 g  0.0 g
     Fat, total  7.0 g  70.0 g
          Saturated  1.6 g  16.0 g
          Trans  <0.1 g  <1.0 g
          Polyunsaturated  2.6 g  26.0 g
             Omega 3  0.2 g  2.0 g
                     ALA  0.2 g  2.0 g
         Monounsaturated  2.8 g  27.6 g
     Carbohydrate  0.0 g  0.0 g
          Sugars  0.0 g  0.0 g
          Lactose**  0.0 g  0.0 g
          Galactose**  0.0 g  0.0 g
     Sodium  36 mg  560 mg
     Vitamin A (15% RDI)***  110 mg  1100 µg
     Vitamin D (10% RDI)***  1.0 mg  10 µg

    + Average values
    *Gluten free
    **Lactose free
    *** Recommended Dietary Intake (Australia)


Vegetable oil, water, salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), creamy flavours, vitamins A, D, colour (beta carotene).