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Did you know that Flora is made from plant-based oils that naturally contain important nutrients? Flora is made with Sunflower oil which naturally contains Omega 6 and Vitamin E and is lower in saturated fats than butter.

Choose Plants for a Better Living

Meat and dairy are water and land intensive foods which have a huge impact on the environment. A shift towards a plant-based diet can help reduce this impact and improve utilisation of natural resources. More and more people are becoming aware of the impact of their food choices on the planet. As a result, they are choosing fewer animal products in their diet such as meat, fish, eggs or dairy. Consumption of these products is the largest contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.
Flora is constantly looking for ways to cut down its ecological footprint. An independent research agency has carried out a life cycle analysis (LCA) on the environmental impact of margarine production. The end to end process has been analysed and shows that the production of margarine is less damaging to the environment than the production of butter. The interchangeability of these two products means you can make a difference by choosing Flora.