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  • Is Margarine Vegan?
    Traditionally, Margarine is not vegan as it often contains small amount of milk derived ingredients, such as buttermilk powder, skim milk powder or whey powder to achieve a creamy and buttery taste. Another ingredient that prevents some margarines from being vegan is the type of Vitamin D added. Vitamin D3 is commonly not suitable for vegans as it is often derived from an animal source (sheep’s wool).

    On 17th February 2020, we replaced Vitamin D from lanolin with plant sourced Vitamin D2 in all Flora and Flora Pro Activ products. All products with the best before date of 17th September and earlier contain Vitamin D from lanolin. All products with the best before date of 17th September or later contain Vitamin D from plant source.

    Flora Plant has been made so that everyone can enjoy margarine, including vegans, flexitarians and people with a lactose intolerance. Therefore, we have removed any dairy ingredients, without compromising the creamy and buttery flavours. In addition, the vegan friendly Vitamin D used in Flora Plant is obtained by extracting it from yeast that is grown in cane sugar (molasses).